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2003 Ty Catalog

On February 10, 2003 Ty announced a public version of the 2003 Ty Catalog for sale on the TyStore website. The catalog retailed for $10.00. At the time of its announcement the only information given was the following ad:

No one really knew what was inside of the catalog! Some people hoped it was a history book of all Ty products from day 1, those who did were a bit disappointed to discover it was simply a 2003 Ty Catalog showing what was currently availble for retailers to buy since January 2003.

The catalog is a binder decorated with Beanie Babies on both sides, it is made up of a thick laminated paper with two folders inside. Inside is a three ring binder that you can open up and add more pages to. This leads to the question, Will Ty continue to release updates for the catalog? For retailers as new products come out they get more pages to add to the catalog. Only tyme will tell if this will happen for the general consumer version of the catalog.

Each catalog came very nicely packaged in a special white box with a large Ty heart logo on the front, you had to tear open a side of the box to get to the catalog. The catalog consists of 28 pages including the index separaters and it features Beanie Babies, Ty Classics, Punkies, Pluffies, Beanie Buddies, Teenie Beanie Boopers, Beanie Boppers, and a Miscellaneous section which has nothing in it.

While the catalog disappointed many collectors it is a great piece of Ty memorabilia to own!

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