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Authentication & Escrow:

What is Authentication?

Authentication is the process by which a Beanie Baby Expert examines a Beanie Baby you send to them to determine whether the Beanie Baby is real or a counterfeit. You should only use an authentication service that is well known and has been in the business for some time. Below is a list of trusted authentication services.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is the best way to ensure a smooth transaction between parties. You send your Beanie Baby to a reputable Authentication/Escrow Service, they authenticate the Beanie, they notify both parties of the results of the authentication, Buyer sends money to authenticator, Authenticator sends Beanie to buyer and money to Seller! I highly recommend this type of service if you are selling an old highly sought after Beanie Baby.

Why Authenticate?

Mainly because it is against the law to sell counterfeit merchandise!

Why should I authenticate my Beanie Baby if I already used your websites pictures to examine my own Beanie Baby?

Using our online database may be enough to satisfy your needs, however it is often difficult to determine whether a Beanie Baby is fake without comparing it to the real thing. Todays counterfeiters are better than ever, they even challenge the experts!

You should DEFINITELY authenticate if you plan on selling your Beanie Baby. Not only do authenticated Beanie Babies fetch 50% - 100% more money, but they provide peace of mind to the buyer.

Recommended Authentication and Escrow Services:

Becky's True Blue Beans
Offers Escrow
Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc.
Been around for a long time,
Offers Escrow
Pbbags - Professional Bean Bag Authentication and Grading Service
Prices start at $5.00.
Free escrow! Ultra Sonic Sealing System!

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